Sperm is in jeopardy!


Infertility issues are on the rise. These days, men are producing 50% less sperm. What?
This cannot be genetically related because of the short span in which this is occurring–just over the past 40 years.
Therefore, it’s more likely environmentally related.
Finally, the medical science industry is admitting it! Reduced sperm count in men is food-related. Hello! Been trying to tell people this for years.
I’m so glad my baby-making days are over but I’m remaining hopeful for little grandbabies one day, so this topic interests me. (Actually, I’ve been trying to help people understand this long before grandchildren were on my radar.)
Now, I’m learning that a reduced sperm count not only affects the obvious but it’s also linked to heart disease. Wow! Not good news. That gives me even more reason to keep preaching about this calamity.

To get that sperm count up, fellows, here are several things the medical industry is saying to do:

1) Eat a healthy diet
2) Don’t smoke
3) Get a good night’s sleep
4) Exercise
I’m going a step further with the healthy diet part (because “healthy diet” means different things to different people):
Here’s specifically what to do to get your sperm count up: Consume maca almost every day and DON’T eat corn, or products made with corn unless the packaging says organic!
The root of the problem, of not having enough of those little male gametes swimming up the fallopian tube in search of a female gamete to create a zygote, is in the FOOD–specifically corn.
Unless your corn says ORGANIC (and even then, do we really, really know it’s organic?) do not buy/eat it!
A Californian company, Epicyte, uses a pesticide chemical on the corn crops known to be spermicide. And guess what spermicide does? Yes, immobilizes, or kills off, sperm. Of course, you got that answer correct, you’re smarter than the average bear. But a lot of people are NOT getting it, even though it’s been reported for years. You can go right onto Epicyte’s website and they mention it for the whole world to see. Yet, folks still wanna eat their corn, corn chips, and other corn products, while at the same time handing all their money over to fertility doctors.

So, you wanna have babies?

If you’re a young man who eats corn, know that your sperm is in jeopardy! Research this topic to learn your risk! Just google Epicyte, contraceptive corn. If you’re a young single woman of child-bearing age, desiring to get married and have children, you now have one more thing to be selective about in a man. When you’re on a date with a guy, ask him if he eats corn. If he says yes, school him about that crop being genetically modified with contraceptive pesticide.
If he continues to eat corn after learning that, and you want to have children, move on to another guy. That one’s not intelligent enough for you.
Wishing you love, peace & peas.
Helping baby boomers and others live a life by design, not by default, so they can leave a legacy not a load.

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