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With permission, I’m re-posting this Facebook post a good friend of mine shared while in South America.

“Adopting a nice custom from Argentina and Uruguay: Yerba Mate tea in a Mate Gourd made from glass and steel and a bombilla (metal straw)!

This tea comes from the South American rainforest evergreen holly tree and is great for digestion, energy, mental alertness, and is loaded with vitamins and minerals! It can also improve immune function, aid weight loss, and has anti-cancer compounds!

Yerba Mate is said to have the strength of coffee, benefits of herbal tea, and euphoria of chocolate! It was called the “drink of the gods” by indigenous South Americans. It’s a bit like green tea – just better. I’d say bring it on!”

Thanks to my friend, Ina, for sharing this information. I was somewhat familiar with this tea but had never tried it. Now, though, I will. Hope you do, too!

Terri, t-RAW

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