There’s a movie recently released called Wonder Woman. It’s about a young woman raised in paradise but trained to be an amazingly unconquerable warrior. Finally, the time comes for her to fight in a war of all wars. It was there her true power and destiny was revealed to the world but probably most importantly to herself.

Do we have to wait until we go into battle over the trials in this world before we really discover and appreciate our true inner strength and power? How can we best be super and powerful just because we woke up in the morning? Just because we were born into this world? Just because I am me, you are you, we are we? Well, for starters we can start declaring it so. Starting today, this moment, make knowledge of your powerfulness a daily affirmation. I will do the same.

With the permission of author, Aaron Paquette, here is his superbly written rendition of why we truly are powerful warriors. He’s reminding you and me to recognize it. Own it. Step into our warrior-ship role and rule our domain! Ase.

Yes, I realize there are no well-developed bicep muscles but just let me imagine, okay?


Please read and enjoy.


Some people make the mistake of thinking women are only gatherers … gardeners … that they can only dig and pick and cultivate and hide.


I tell you that women are the strongest, smartest and most dangerous hunters the world has ever seen.


Individually, they may be physically overpowered, but in planning, in vision, in purpose and explosive action, they can’t be beat.


Any honest man will admit there is nothing that fills them with awe so much as their partner when she has made up her mind. She has become an unstoppable, indomitable will. If it’s against him, he’d better start running!


There’s a narrative that women are weak, that they’re vulnerable, that they are somehow less intelligent or capable than a man.


Well, they said that about serfs, about slaves, about people from other races. They say it about anyone they want to control.


You see, it’s the storytellers that rule the world.


And we repeat their stories.


It’s time for a new chapter.


It’s time to write a new reality.


It’s time to stand up and tell your story.


You are only vulnerable when you let others define you as vulnerable.


You are only weak if you let them convince you it’s true.


You are only ‘less than’ if you believe it.


Women are warriors. They are the ones who run with wolves, the ones who follow the moon. They are the ones who give life and they are the first story tellers their children will hear.


Women have all the power of humanity. All the power to shape the world.


Are you waiting for permission? Give it to yourself.


Are you waiting for your time? It’s now.


Are you waiting for a sign? Look around.


You are the linch-pin, the tipping of the scales.


The moment you say you’ve had enough. The moment you rise …


Everything changes.


We are in a battle for a future that our children, grandchildren and theirs can grow in, be safe in, be challenged in.


Part of it means taking time for yourself, for silence, to breathe and renew. Part of it means to let go for a while. You’ve been carrying heavy burdens.


There will be men who cling desperately to the idea that they have power over you. Outsmart them. Outmaneuver them. Out plan and out-strategize.


There are so many more good men willing to be your allies, willing to be your support, willing to be your partners. We are your sons, after all.


We are in a battle for the soul of the planet.


And you are that soul.


You are the warriors.


And this is your time.


hiy hiy.




Feel free to print this out, to share it, to hang it where you can see it.


-Aaron Paquette




Aaron Paquette is a First Nations Metis artist, author and speaker. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, his Bestselling Novel ‘Lightfinder’ was published 2014 through Kegedonce Press and is now in 2nd printing.

To order Lightfinder:




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