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These days, I’m an editor and blogger for Zappos, Inc. in Las Vegas, Nevada. My blogs appear on a regular basis along with those written by fellow co-workers within our Newsroom Circle.
I recently wrote a blog highlighting some of the niceties we enjoy at Zappos. Then a pretty cool observation occurred.
I was scrolling through some old blogs on my personal blog site and came upon one I wrote in 2014. At that time, I was not yet working at Zappos. In fact, I was barely familiar with this billion dollar, an online retailer with the funny name, other than the one experience where my daughter purchased boots from them and then received a nice, handwritten note from the Customer Service Rep who helped her.
So, while writing about that company (whose name is Mahalo) it’s possible I put some vibes out in the universe about how cool it’d be to work there (even though I was then and still am loving the freedom of my own business as well). One year later, a cool job like that manifested for me and here I am at Zappos. Keep speaking your affirmations!
 Here’s my article I recently wrote in my writer role at Zappos…

Zappos’ Top 10 Power Perks Ranked

Employee benefits are perhaps more valuable than a high salary. That’s a pretty bold statement, but is it true? Well, according to MetLife’s 10th annual study on the topic of job perks, a lot of value is being placed on the personalized benefits a company offers nowadays. Most leading organizations have chosen this route for the sake of employee morale, engagement, and retention. Zappos is one such organization. Looking at what I believe to be our top 10 perks, I’d say we have just about something for everyone!
A Major Hookup for Millenials
The young single person with no spouse or children couldn’t ask for a better hookup. Why waste money and time grocery shopping when you can come to work and devour as much free cereal, bagels, and fruit in the morning as your belly desires (or any time of the day for that matter)? Seventeen fully stocked kitchenettes, uniformly placed throughout our 10-story building, help with that.Of course, everyone has to eat. So the young, old, married, single, grocery shoppers or not, love our free salad bar, free soups, free grilled cheese sandwiches, free beverages and those oh so moderately priced made-to-order entrees in our bistro. Mmmm. This private, on-campus restaurant serves us seven days a week, 12 hours a day.
Too lazy or busy to walk to the bistro? Within our building are free prepackaged salads and sandwiches in our ZCafé. Grab them and go 24/7, or nibble on them on the café’s open-air patio with super comfy seating. From 8 a.m.-5 p.m., it’s Starbucks-like service — at about half the price, Zappos style!

Based on a recent Goldman Sachs study conducted with Teen Vogue readers, 22% of all Millennials are health conscious. Much more than Generation Xers or Baby Boomers. So, bingo! Not only does Zappos boast a free, 24/7, fully equipped gym with state of the art machines, we have numerous recreational areas throughout the campus, as well.

A Ping-Pong table, foosball machine, miniature golf course or our brand new outdoor basketball court can assist with team building gatherings. Certified trainers also come on campus to teach free classes for yoga, kickboxing, and cardio.

A Real Gem for Gen Xers

For the Gen X workaholic who spends more hours at the office than at home, power perks are a match made in heaven. Go ahead, drop off your dry cleaning and car keys at our front desk when you arrive at work in the morning. By the time you’re ready to go home, your oil will have been changed and your car detailed to a “T!”

While there in the main lobby, visit Flonzo, our top-rate resident shoe shiner! He’s been diligently puttin’ on that $5 spit shine for the past several years. As he’s shinning, you can read one of the many free-for-the-taking motivational or self-help books from our employee library.

Bennies Done Right for Boomers

The majority of the 76 million American boomers are still in the workforce, even though they’re now empty nesters heading toward retirement. Many have been displaced from jobs once thought secure. As a boomer myself, I can attest that Zappos’ free health insurance is a particularly appreciated perk! Having a massage chair and a stress-releasing napping pod to rejuvenate from head to toe is nothing to sneeze at either.

With this demographic group being top U.S. consumers, our very own shipping department catering to our personal shipping needs is simply heavenly! Speaking of shopping, Zappos has its very own currency, called … wait for it … Zollars! Offered in varying values, with CEO Tony Hsieh’s face on some of them, this program incentivizes goodwill tasks by employees offering cool company apparel and gadgets in exchange.

Here again are just 10 of the many power perks that keep us loving Zappos:

  1. Private on-campus bistro and 17 kitchenettes throughout our 10-story building
  2. Café and outdoor patio
  3. 24/7 access to fully-equipped gym
  4. Recreational activities: basketball, foosball, mini golf, trainer-led classes
  5. Concierge services: shoe shining, car wash, oil change, and dry cleaner pickup
  6. Employee library with current and top-selling books
  7. Free individual health insurance and reduced premiums for families
  8. A badass massage chair and nap room with sleep pods
  9. On-site shipping department
  10. Employee Zollars

While not all perks float every employee’s boat, it’s safe to say there’s something for all. From our young and restless to our mature adults, from our geeky reserved introverts to our totally outgoing weirdos, we can all get perked. Now that’s a powerful thing!

Terri Liggins / June 01, 2016




Now, below is the article I wrote in 2014, never suspecting I’d be working at one of these cool companies myself a year later! I’m even able to keep my home-based business going on the side while working this job. Very grateful on many levels, for sure!


These Perks Rock Big Time:

dream job

Fit Club
Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6pm with a personal trainer.
Tae Kwon Do
Twice every week. Stay in shape mentally and physically.
Company chef prepares breakfast and lunch every day.
Freshly cut fruit bowls are brought to your desk twice every day.
Every car in the lot gets washed every six weeks.
Bring your laundry and it will be washed and folded while you work.

Believe it or not, those are real perks offered by a real company in California (figures, right?).  By now, you’re probably saying, “Now, if I could have benefits like that, I would be happy about going to work.”

Demand Those Perks for yourself!

Everyone who contributes every day towards making this country the great place that it is deserves to have those same perks–especially baby boomers! I am a baby boomer so I’m very partial to this group of people and their welfare.

We are the biggest generation in the history of our country; so talk about contributing to the workforce–that’s us! We are products of post-World War II, so we entered at a time of great struggle and rebuild. We are made up of industrial titans. We morphed into dedicated nine to fivers and wore the badge of “corporate lifers” with pride.


Failing economy; recession; company shutdowns and bailouts; layoffs and early retirement packages; high unemployment rates and hiring freezes; sandwiched between our children’s needs and that of aging parents; and the list goes on.

I know first hand, it’s not so easy finding another comparable position in Corporate America after being laid off from that so-called secure job. The job search itself can prove rather grueling when stacked up against younger competitors willing to accept less money than you require or deserve. Never mind he’s still very green around the gills and you have all the polished skill set and intuitiveness needed to get the job done more efficiently. Those hiring employers just aren’t looking our way.

So how could we possibly demand amazing perks like that California company offers (and so many other companies in the Silicon Valley) when we’re hanging on for dear life at whatever old job we could find? One sentence…


There has never been a better time for baby boomers to take heed of this alternative. According to a 2012 report by the Ewing Kauffman Foundation, in their study of entrepreneurship, they found that baby boomers between the ages of 55 and 64 made up 23.4 percent of all entrepreneurs in the U.S. That increase from 14.3 percent in 1996 is the largest growth rate among all the age groups. So, some of us got the memo.

I am glad I took that alternate route and started an online marketing business where I simply offer other individuals online products, marketing strategies, and wealth-building training to help secure their future of many amazing perks!

Of course, the amount of passion and dedication you bring to ANY home-based business will determine your bottom line profit. In other words, nothing is guaranteed to you until you do the work. But that’s nothing new. What is new is having the ability to earn income through commissions, bonuses, and residuals that in just several years or in several months can net you a monthly income more than what some people earn all year.


Go ahead and take your children or grandchildren to the park during your lunch break. Take every Friday off throughout the entire year.  How cool is that? I can now enjoy fresh fruit at my desk throughout the day. I can now go to my yoga class during the day when it’s less crowded instead of having to squeeze into the evening or weekend classes. I can travel to visit my children whenever needed.

Yes, I deserve those types of perks for the hard work I put in. Now, I’m getting them. For myself; from myself. That means there’s no cap on how many I can have. WooHoo! I like that possibility!

Oh, and about that laundry being done for us while we work our home-based business? With as much total commitment and hard work given to OUR OWN businesses, as we have given to our corporate bosses, hiring a maid to do our laundry while we work will become a cost-effective reality!

So, what do you say? How long are you going to sit on the fence at the ballpark without getting in the game?

By the way, the name of that California company offering those perks to its employees? Mahalo in Santa Monica.

Join my team online and put yourself on the pathway to your own Mahalo!


Love & RAWspect,
Terri (T’Eileen)
Working smarter not harder

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