I typically go to bed super early, sometimes as early as 7:30pm. So, I have no idea what goes on in the household during the evening hours. Nothing incenses me more than to go to bed with something in the fridge that I put there expecting to eat or drink it in the morning and when morning comes…

Well, this morning, I woke up mouth all watering for MY watermelon, the watermelon I enjoy as MY super-early morning routine. So, I skipped to the fridge all happy and $h!t and then…


Now, my creative brain is all messed up and interrupted and I start eating some peanuts instead because they’re nearby and I have this book deadline but I can’t think straight and now my bowels are probably not going to cooperate (do you guys know how great of a natural laxative watermelon is?) and I’m scheduled to be on a health forum panel later this morning and I’m not feeling healthy right now. Ugh!

There’s a grapefruit. I don’t want a grapefruit. There’s a persimmon. I don’t want a persimmon. There’s a very dried up pomegranate that’s been in the fruit bowl for months. I don’t feel like dealing with all those little seeds, which is why the thing is all dried up–I don’t ever feel like dealing with those seeds. I just need my watermelon, but someone decided they needed it more than me.

Now, I know how my dad felt back in the day when he’d come home from work at the end of the night (11pm), all ready to unwind with Johnny Carson, his pretzels and a tall glass of Pepsi, and there was not a drop of Pepsi left in the house. He would pitch a fit and one of us kids would be heading out to the convenient store (even if it was midnight) to buy him some Pepsi. I feel ya. Dad.

There’s no one to send to the store but me since everyone else is sleep. I’ve been known to wake a person. But it’s 3am and no stores are open. Sigh.

I remember a time when my children were in high school and wanted to go out Fri

night. I was heading to bed early and told them to finish the laundry before they go. I woke up to damp towels not finished drying. It was 4am on a Sat and I woke their butts up to re-do the entire laundry process on those towels. Who cares they probably just got to sleep two hrs earlier. smh

Don’t mess with Mama’s mornings.

Love & RAWspect,

Terri, aka t-RAW

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