Hi, I’m Terri Eileen Liggins! 

As a writer, blogger and end-of-life strategist, I direct my writing skills towards helping people in more ways than just ghostwriting their autobiographies. Through nutritional products, online marketing, writing workshops and blogs, I support individuals in their quest to live long, earn strong and have a great “green” time in the meantime.

My primary target market consists of the 76 million Baby Boomers born in the United States between 1947 and 1964.

Boomers became my passion when I began researching the Internet for wellness strategies in 2001 to help overcome a chronic disorder I had recently been diagnosed with.  I discovered so much data indicating that Boomers, such as myself, were living longer but not living healthier. That piqued my interest and saddened me at the same time.

Boomers then became my inspiration for going back to school for a second Master’s degree. I chose to study Health Law for many reasons. One main reason was based on a 2009 Commonwealth Fund report stating 8.6 million of these 76 million Boomers were without health insurance. I felt compelled to learn the ins and outs of the legislation fueling our healthcare system; the technology driving it into the future; and the ethical aspect that keeps it real for us individually.

I believe that just as every business should include a solid exit strategy in their by-laws, every Boomer should develop a secure end-of-life strategy as a part of their goal-setting. Not a plan leading to the rocking chair and grave, but a viable, working plan to live out the second half of their life with prosperity, peace of mind and lots of fun!

Boomers these days are concerned about health & wellness and their ability to secure finances into their retirement years. When both of these areas are properly handled, they can then enjoy traveling, completing their bucket lists and helping strangers across the ocean as well as loved ones in their own backyard.

Unfortunately, statistics indicate this enjoyment won’t be had by many Boomers. Many don’t have enough savings to fund their retirement; they’re squeezed out of the job market by their younger counterparts; and their medical expenses, due to poor health, holds their bank accounts hostage. Following suit with the title given them as The Sandwich Generation, most Boomers only look forward to the stress of simultaneously caring for children and aging parents. This isn’t to negate the joy they feel caring for their loved ones; however, the stress in doing so cannot be overlooked.

So, let’s connect and work together to change this whole scenario! Let’s put our time, talents and resources together to develop plans of action; plans that will encourage and empower Boomers to Reach And Win their transition to a healthier, wealthier and wiser being. After all, as I always say, a successful journey of a thousand miles begins with a strategy!

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