“I’m going on a date…”

Who knew these five little words could either conjure up feelings of extreme elation or anxiety and apprehension. When it comes to dressing for your meet-up, major decisions command the stage. You’re excited when “you got this” and you’re nervous when you don’t have a clue what to wear.

I’ve experienced both of those sentiments, and the latter ain’t no joke. It’s a horrible feeling. You want to make a good impression whether it’s a first-time blind date or the 100th with your spouse. Over the years, what I’ve found to be most true is the more you overthink your outfit, the worse off you’ll be.


For example, when I’d experiment with mixing and matching various outfits, or would give a second chance to some shoes that were in the far reaches of the closet, I generally ended up regretting it. I either spent the majority of the date tugging at my dress, being horrified at the odd color combination of my pants, blouse and vest (which I can assure you looked better under different lighting in my home), or praying for relief from the tight straps on those forgotten shoes.

The truth of the matter is; comfort is the name of the game when dressing for a date. Being comfortable in your clothes will put you at overall ease — especially if it’s a first or blind date where there are a bazillion other things to be concerned with.

Because of the comfort factor, this may not be the best time to wear something brand new. If you must buy an outfit specifically for a date, purchase it far enough in advance so you have time to wear it first, even if it’s just around the house that day. If your clothes don’t feel right, you won’t feel right. So if the outfit isn’t you, return it immediately. Exchange it for something else.

If your outfit is too fancy or too casual, the same thing applies: You won’t feel right. You could be setting the bar too high, or setting it too low. Why risk it?

Here’s the bottom line: To avoid a faux pas, your best bet is to simply pick out that shirt, jacket, dress, pants, skirt or shoes you love to wear. You know, the garments that make you feel 100% comfortable and confident in your skin. In doing so, the outfit will automatically reflect your style. And you certainly don’t want to hide that when out with someone you care about — or hope to eventually.

Now, if you need help discovering your perfect style, here’s a brief guide to assure your personality shines through no matter what the occasion or venue. My apologies to the men; this list primarily pertains to women (I’ll do better by you next time!)


8 Tips For Every Glorious Gal

1.) Black always wins as the primary color to pull an outfit together.

2.) Adding tie-dye, paisley, floral or suzani (embroidery) to the black gives a small flash to make a huge splash.

3.) If you’re feeling a little whimsical and love-child-like, printed maxi dresses give that cool boho-chic look. In the summer, it’s the quickest thing to toss on for a date.

4.) Skinny jeans, flared jeans, shredded jeans, denim cut-offs and denim skirts. Any and all jeans rule. Period. Well, maybe with one exception: mom jeans.

5.) Vests and short jackets — whether beaded, fringed, shawl-like or hooded — not only pull an outfit together, but they brilliantly camouflage bulges you may be battling with around the midsection.

6.) Forget diamonds (that’s only a figure of speech, mind you), shoes, boots and sandals are a girl’s best friend! From slip-ons to gladiator sandals to thigh-high boots, they add such character and keep people looking at you from head to toe.

7.) Accessories, scarves and hats can smartly pull it all together or tragically overpower a clean, crisp look. Choose wisely and again, only you know if you can pull off feather earrings.

8.) Purses should never be a careless afterthought. They have every right to be a part of the color scheme as much as any other article you’re wearing. Be it a fringe crossbody or small clutch, live a little! Have fun with it and make it bold.

There you have it. Now you have all the keys to dress just right for your next date night. Have fun, and above all, be yourself!


Love & RAWspect,

Terri, aka t-RAW

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