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Terri, Dina, and Skye share about their health journeys. They tell what they do in their food regimen to feel good and look good.  Oh yeah, and with no dieting! 

10-Part Series:  Your RAW Transformation to a Healthier YOU

Looking to get to a more balanced lifestyle? One  where you’re not riddled with pain, disease and illness of all types and degrees? Well, you’ve found a safe and supportive place right here. A place where you can learn a lot about nutrition–from a practical as well as a scientific standpoint.  Approximately 6 hours of valuable information to help in your transformation to a healthier YOU!
RAW Transformation Kickoff Session

Part 1 – A Raw Recipe

Part 2 – Get Your Sleep On

Part 3 – Hydration

Part 4 – Laughter IS Medicine

Part 5 – Our Blood’s Vitality

Part 6 – The quote-unquote Flu Season

Part 7 – 10 Strategies for  Eating More Healthy​

Part  8 – Sugar!

Part 9 – How to enjoy a healthy Thanksgiving Day meal

Part 10 – Get my book, Get Your RAW On! Transform to a healthierYOU!

Two delicious and simple sauce recipes

Here’s a video I made about two years ago.  Great sauces that I thought would be good to bring back front and center for you.

The first one is a sweet & sour type sauce and the second one a salad dressing. Yea, me!

I wish you could really taste through the screen how delicious they are! You’ll just have to try them yourself. Go on and do it. If I can do it, anyone can.

Eastern King-Foo Cashew sauce

Honey Dijon salad dressing

Your "food clock" should run backwards

“Food clock” is a little fun name for metabolic clock–related to your biological clock. It’s simply changing what you eat, when you eat, and how you eat so that your metabolism will speed up. Your clock then runs backwards restoring and rejuvenating ever cell in your body until you look and feel vibrant well into your centennial years.

In this video, I speak about the wonders that eating a raw, plant-based,  super foods diet has done for my body.

My 2nd olive oil flush

This one was a little rough going down, but the end results (haha, pun intended) were much better than my first flush several months earlier.

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