I’m Coming Out

I’m Coming Out

I’m coming out! I want the world to know…


Hi there! Terri here.

I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to be true to myself and my inner passion—against all odds.

Read further if you’re so inclined to hear

what I’ve discovered about myself,

what I’m doing about it,

and most importantly, what this means for you!


For the past 20 years, I’ve been a ghostwriter, helping individuals write their non-fiction publications—primarily consisting of memoirs, motivational rags-to-riches-life-transforming stories, how-to books, and business material. It’s been as rewarding for me as it has been for each of those authors!

In January 2020, after bidding farewell to my father, and just prior to that, spending the last four months of his life observing, from close proximity, the trials of one’s final stages of life, I felt a nudging. So, I afforded myself a six-week self-exploration venture, traveling and visiting with friends from the West Coast to the East Coast. During that time, the nudging was confirmed.


NOW What?

I’m very sad for this moment but very relieved at the same time. I’m leaving a comfort zone that, as of late, had become a huge weight—mainly because the writing (no pun intended) was on the wall but I chose to ignore it. The “IT” is the fact that after 20 years, I’m hanging up my GHOSTWRITING hat!

One of the confirmations I received along that recent trip was that I love researching to connect the dots to get answers; perhaps more than I love writing. It’s probably why I did so well in law school (3.98), with its plentiful writing and research requirements. I feel I can help many people with my thirst for researching and my passion for sharing advantageous information from a bioethical, patient advocacy and elder-care standpoint that I don’t see addressed enough. Also, now is the time for me to dust off the dozen or so half-written books of my own that, due to writing other people’s books, were kept on the back burner for later. Well…



Later is now! And now is what I’ve coined as “4th quarter living.”

Who’s experiencing 4th quarter living? Baby boomers! That market-driving, influential group of people who are 72 million strong here in America. Born between the years 1946 and 1967, we were the reason sales of Gerber baby food spiked when that influx of births started after World War II. From there, the wave resulted in a boom in Buster Brown toddler shoes when we started walking. Then, Radio Flyer, makers of that classic red metal wagon, benefited from us pulling our siblings and playmates up and down the street. In 1964, after we began turning 16, the muscle-car, Mustang, came onto the scene. Several years later, dorms on college campuses became filled to the brim and overflowing with record number admissions. And who can forget the housing boom of the ’80s, as we began to marry and settle into our first homes?

I say all that to demonstrate the power of this group of people. A group that is now retired or reaching retirement, and more than ever, experiencing loved ones dying; heightening the reality of their own mortality with a need to get their “final wishes” in order. Sadly, from my on-going non-scientific research, too many are choosing to “wing it” when it comes to getting their life in total order—physically, financially, economically, mentally and spiritually. Some boomers remain on the sideline benches of life and still others have not even suited up for the game!

Yet, it’s already 4th quarter.



When the death of a loved one occurs, grieving family members and friends are often faced with a barrage of questions and decisions—from legal and financial information to final wishes and funeral arrangements. Their loved one’s desires are being addressed posthumously and decisions made quickly, all while under great emotional duress.

In today’s society, we operate at such a constant rush that typically, people do not stop to ponder the importance of this information until it is too late. Death is an inevitable event, folks, none of us are getting out of here alive. So, why continue to NOT be adequately prepared simply because it’s a sensitive subject? Too often, not addressing the financial aspect of these matters is leading families to resort to crowd-funding for the funeral needs of their deceased. This shouldn’t be the new normal! Someone has to help the masses prepare properly—and it might as well be me.

The resources I’ve put together for the benefit of everyone—particularly baby boomers—constitute essential needs. I’ve become an affiliate with some of these organizations, certified and even licensed with others, as the best way to offer you, and millions like you, a road map for living your life by design, not by default.



Visit my website, The Law of Raw Institution for Balanced Healthy Living. It is still under construction, so a few of the resource buttons may not be linked up. I apologize upfront for that inconvenience. Right now, as I’m starting this new venture, I’m still working on the last of my clients’ books, so my time is crammed. But I couldn’t hold back on sharing this information, finished website or not, because of this coronavirus pandemic. It’s heartbreaking seeing people not prepared to fight this thing with vital information, organic remedies and such, as well as capital to come out on the winning side.

The life-changing information I provide will help you master your ultimate lifestyle–but only if you take action. Whether protecting your health or building and preserving your assets (for you to use while living, or for your heirs down the road), the answers are here. I will be blogging on a regular basis to bring you FREE educational and inspirational insight on matters to help you on this journey. I will continue to vet and add new resources as they become available to me. I will be compiling a book about YOUR experiences caring for a loved one in their final stages, so you can help educate and inspire others, letting them know they’re not alone.

Finally, if there are topics relating to 4th quarter living that you are interested in but don’t see covered, feel free to request it. I’m here for you to R – A – W: Reach And Win!

I am an essential needs-based business and I’m OPEN to serve you in the best way God and Mother Earth have prepared me to do. Here’s to a life of abundant peace, self-love, wellness and prosperity!

You deserve it! Ase.

Blessings, peace & peas,


What’s That Under the Golden Gate Bridge?

What’s That Under the Golden Gate Bridge?

This is a brochure from Fort Point.


Referred to as the key to the whole Pacific Coast

…and to think most people don’t know it even exists. To say “most people” may be an exaggeration but I don’t think it would be too far a cry from the truth as this place is so hidden—literally right under the Golden Gate Bridge.

I lived in San Francisco back in the 80’s and have visited it many times thereafter but never heard of this wonderful historic site until my most recent visit during the 4th of July holiday, visiting my son, now a Bay Area resident. I had Googled best sites to watch the fireworks and Fort Point came up. I began reading about it and was very intrigued.  While we didn’t go there for the fireworks (chose Crissy Field instead, which was an excellent spot), I made it a point to put Fort Point on our to-do list when my daughter joined us a couple days later. And boy, was I glad we went!


View from atop Fort Point. That arch structure above is the bottom of the Golden Gate Bridge.


A Golden Treasure

In 1933, as foundation construction began on the Golden Gate Bridge, this now 157-year-old fort was right smack in the way and therefore scheduled to meet its demise. Because of its excellent military architecture, the American Institute of Architects had proposed preservation of Fort Point in 1926 but funds were not available to carry out that gesture. At the threat of its removal, Joseph Strauss, Chief Engineer of the bridge project, redesigned the Golden Gate Bridge to be built over Fort Point; thereby, saving the structure. How cool is that?

On October 16, 1970, President Nixon signed the bill making Fort Point a National Historic Site. After sustaining only moderate damage in the devastating 7.9 level San Francisco earthquake in 1906, this building’s use over the next 40 years was for barracks, military training and storage. Then, during World War II, soldiers from the US Coast Artillery were stationed there to guard minefields and anti-submarine net. It currently serves to guard the Golden Gate Bridge and to welcome hundreds of guests daily, most days of the year.

Here’s a brief history of how this masterpiece came to be, without ever really serving its initial purpose…


A funny thing happened on the way to war 

Between 1817 and 1867, to protect United States harbors, the coastal defense system built some 30 forts along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts and only one—Fort Point—on the West Coast.  California had just become the 31st state in 1850, after the US won the Mexican-American war in 1848. During that time, the US Army and Navy officials had set up strategic points to secure the San Francisco Bay. Those points consisted of Lime Point, Angel Island, Alcatraz, Point San Jose, Presidio and Fort Point.

However, construction on Fort Point didn’t began until 1853, at the outbreak of the Civil War, by the US Army Corps of Engineers. A 90-foot cliff at the entrance to the San Francisco Bay was blasted 30 feet below sea level to make way for the fort’s foundation. In 1861, 200 previously unemployed miners, who labored for eight years on this project, finally mounted the fort’s first cannon.  It was the US Army’s most sophisticated coastal fortification, yet this massive, impenetrable brick-walled structure, with new artillery including 102 smooth-bore cannons mounted atop, never saw action.

In August 1865, the captain and crew of the Confederate raider, C.S.S. Shenandoah prowled the waters of the Pacific looking for Yankee whaling ships.  They planned an attack on San Francisco. On their way to the harbor, the captain was informed by a British vessel that the South had lost and the Civil War was now over. Whew! Talk about being saved by the bell.


So, there you have it

To this day, Fort Point, an impressive survivor of weather and war, remains the admiration and pride of the Pacific Coast. Standing inside its massive and unscathed courtyard was quite humbling–especially when thinking about the labor required to build this and the eight million bricks that perfectly hold it together a century and a half later.

Wow! Fort Point. Certainly a point of interest worthy of your visit.



Writefully yours,

Terri Liggins, aka t-RAW

Reach And Win your transition to a healthier, wealthier you!



Fort Point National Historic Site

Bldg. 201, Fort Mason

San Francisco, CA  94123



For current hours of operation call 1-415-556-1693.





Let the Church Say Amen to Global Competence

Let the Church Say Amen to Global Competence

This is my beef with some pastors and most churches. It seems (in my humble opinion) that pastors are leading a flock of people and for the most part with limited global knowledge. Some would say knowledge of global economics and politics have no place in the church. I say, the church is made up of people, right? These same people exist outside of the church as well, right? Then, what you think you can separate in policy, you actually cannot separate in principle.

It is what it is. You are receiving teachings in a church designed to make you a better person in this world. Therefore, why wouldn’t those teachings need to be reflective of what is truly going on in this world? You wouldn’t go to a doctor who specializes in dermatology but who has no knowledge of what the latest advancements in skin diseases are, would you? You wouldn’t pay money to a financial broker to trade commodities for you and yet he/she isn’t versed in risk management or new global technologies, would you? Well, I guess many people would, and do, in both those cases.

So, yes, people rely on doctors, traders, teachers, CEOs and pastors to lead or guide them in the right direction. And yes, there are leaders in many other categories as well (like, heaven forbid, our government) that are relied upon. However, the ones who I believe can have the biggest impact—good or bad—on the largest groups of people are pastors. Why? Simply put, here in America, a primarily Christian nation, more people at varying ages between 1 and 90+, are in church on a regular basis than they are in front of a doctor, teacher, broker, boss, or one-on-one with a politician.

Why then, aren’t pastors more educated? Why isn’t their congregation holding them accountable to keep up on world economics? History? The health industry? Yes, even politics? Not to bring those subjects into the pulpit per se, but to just have a better understanding of those things when they’re preaching what they’re preaching. I get it that some may only have a high school or even just an elementary education due to conditions within their household back in the day. That still doesn’t excuse them from picking up a book, other than the Bible, and learning about current events happening in this great big world around them.

And I’m not even talking about some little one-room church in the deep Southern swamplands or in the Appalachian mountains. No, I’m referring mainly to urban churches full of supposedly educated pastors and parishioners. I’m calling out those mega churches that for the past near-20 years have been popping up all over the metropolises of America. In these mega churches (like the ones I have belonged to and attended), or slightly smaller congregations (like what I’ve also belonged to), I’ve heard things preached and implied from the pulpit that just aren’t true. Messages and beliefs that have always “bothered” me; making it difficult for me to be “all in” with their overall vision, mission and outreach.

I know I’m not the only one in those places who feels this way. So how can so many people sit there week after week, believing the propaganda without questioning things said and done? Oh, that’s right, we’re taught not to question the man of God or the Bible because we would be questioning God. No, I beg to differ. Sure, I don’t question God because He is The Almighty Creator. The Bible, however, while God-inspired, is man-written. And man is full of flaws, blunders and hidden agendas.

So I continue to do my own research because I’ve already seen where that agenda of Christian slave masters led us. Using “God’s” written word in their manipulation of an entire race of people for hundreds of years. And it’s CONTINUING TODAY, and still with nations in Africa! Still exploiting groups of people there by the millions. Still pulling the wool over the American people’s eyes about the people and conditions of African nations.

Yes, the educational system is guilty of this same thing; however, the church’s error, in my opinion, is of greater regard because of the moral aspect that is associated there. People don’t look to schools—or they shouldn’t—as their moral compass. When they do, they’re either going to be shocked by, or sucked into, all the corruption that occurs there.

But the church? The church has an educational and moral obligation to its people and it’s failing miserably. I heard the perfect example of this just last Sunday (not in church, but on TV). It hit my ears hard and I gasped at the offense. There were three religious leaders on the political news platform, Meet the Press, which aired April 16, 2017: Rev. TD Jakes, of the world renowned Potter’s House; JoAnn Hummel, pastor of a mega church outside Dallas called Bent Tree Fellowship (I lived near there in the early 2000’s, so I know it’s in a very progressive area); and Rabbi David Saperstein, a Jewish community leader and former United States Ambassador .

When the host, Chuck Todd, asked how they felt about the growing trend towards secularism and how it affects them, this Bent Tree pastor’s answer was appalling! Actually, an insult to my ears because it relayed just how uneducated she is on a subject that her church is highly involved in. I’ve referenced the video clip of the program so you can hear for yourself what was said. [i] However, in a nutshell, her answer included this:

“In the West (meaning this Western World) we have everything, but in Africa, they have nothing so their hunger for God is so much greater than ours.” What the what?? In Africa they have nothing? My jaw dropped and I almost fell out of my seat in total amazement at such a false (and stupid) statement!

First of all, which of the 54 countries in Africa is she speaking of? Yes, there are some very undeveloped regions and poor nations there, as with ANY PLACE on this planet. What she said, however, is equivalent to someone saying America is so economically poor—grouping all 50 states in one statement—while we know that is a flat out lie.

So, Ms. Hummel, like millions of other people need to learn once and for all that Africa is a continent and you can’t just go throwing the name around like it’s a country. You don’t hear someone from Germany say I’m from Europe when asked about their heritage. Neither does an Austrian say they’re only from Europe. No, because there are 51 states that make up Europe, just as there are 54 fully recognized sovereign states that make up Africa. “Recognized” being the operative word, apparently.

Secondly, to say they have nothing is ridiculous! And it’s even more ridiculous that no one else on that panel corrected her. If she, or the other two religious leaders, knew African economics, or if their congregations held them accountable to know, they could not continue to engage in such bs propaganda. They send missionaries there; they send money there; care packages. That’s all fine and good. It seems, though, they do it with the crazy understanding: “Oh my, we must send things to those poor natives sitting there with barely any clothes on, an empty bowl in their hands and flies swarming around their mouths. Oh, and they’re so helpless and weak, they can’t even swat the flies away.”

Thirdly, here’s a little Africa economics 101 for us all…

A World Finance article, written April 7, 2017, entitled The World’s Five Fastest Growing Economies, clearly states for the world, and Ms. Hummel, to see that three of those five are African countries. This ranking is based on the economic growth of these countries’ emerging economies, which are forecasted to outpace the likes of China and India. They are Ethiopia, Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire, ranking #2, #3 and #4 respectively. For the record, the other two countries are #1 Bhutan (located between China and India) and #5 India.[ii]

Ethiopia’s forecasted 8.7% growth will be attributed to their service industry and public infrastructure investments taking place there. It is pacing to become a middle income country by 2025! Ghana’s strong 8.1% expected expansion is due to its gold, oil and cocoa reserves. Cote d’Ivoire, also forecasted at 8.1% growth, rely primarily on cocoa, coffee and palm oil to bring them to that status by 2020.[iii]

In Keidi Awadu’s The New Conscious Rasta Report entitled, The Sun Rises in the East, he as well examines the rapid changes in domestic development around the world. In his 2014 studies of the top 35 fastest developing nations in the world, based on year-to-year GDP growth rates, Keidi sites 17 of them as African nations. These growths are attributed to energy, ecology and agribusiness just to name a few of the many natural resources found there. They are, in order of growth: Libya, Sierra Leone, Niger, Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Chad, Ethiopia, Liberia, Rwanda, Ghana, Mozambique, Zambia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Mauritania, Tanzania and Nigeria.[iv]

So, in essence, this woman and her church—and many other churches—are part of the problem of these developing countries more than the solution. Their lack of education, hence misguided efforts, result in propaganda full of fear, pity, disdain and total disregard for anything GREAT and GOOD about Africa. They’re sending aid to countries whose governments are not properly developed. So in many cases, the aid (food, clothing, etc) is not even getting to those in need. Or it’s done in such a way that some contributing American organizations are receiving bigger kickbacks than the poor are receiving aid.

Have these churches constructed different paths to ensure the money and goods they’re offering is by-passing the corrupt officials and going directly into the hands of the people? Who knows? Hopefully, that’s what the missionaries are ensuring by being there in person.

Oh, but let’s not even get me started regarding some of those church missionaries.  Their main agenda in these poor nations is to “push” their white Jesus on the indigenous people, showing them how anything they were doing beforehand must have been some voodoo, or something stifling their personal and financial growth. Those poor people gather from miles and miles away (on foot, no doubt) to hear about this white Savior, whose true origins, ironically, are not far from the African soil upon which they are all standing. Will those missionaries ever teach them that? Hmm.

And let’s not get it twisted. It is not these people’s lack of Jesus-knowledge that is keeping them poor, uneducated and desolate. Most are coming out from decades of civil war. Most of them have never been able to master their own human potential, thanks to colonial domination and former imperialist regimes.  And now, here comes further exploitation but this time, in the name of Jesus. And let the people say amen.

In conclusion, I’ll be the first to say I don’t have all the answers for how to get Americans to set aside their arrogance for just a moment in order to accept that this great big world has a whole lot of other people in it doing quite well. Better than us in some cases. You don’t think so? Just look at America’s low ranking when it comes to education and health care, for starters.

I do know that a great place for American’s to start is to become more global-minded. Only then can we get our heads out of the sand, and get un-brainwashed. That’s done through learning history. That helps us to become more competent about others who don’t look like us.

If we as Americans, particularly African Americans, would study 500-600 years of African history—information that is all very accessible—we could begin to know what time it is. It is time for the strength of 1 billion Africans across the globe to have a clearer understanding of our royal past. It is time for us to realize that for much of those 600 years, the civilizations of African Kingdoms were among the wealthiest and most productive nations on the Earth. It is time for us to negate the lies, half truths and gross lack of knowledge that continues to plague us, making us part of the problem instead of catalysts for solutions. Then we will have power that no one can take away from us.

In the words of a very scholarly woman who has repatriated to the Motherland, and has spent years assisting hundreds of others in doing so, “Africa doesn’t need anyone. We need Africa.” Let the church say Amen to that.

Love & RAWspect,




[i] Hummel, JoAnn, Jakes, T.D., Saperstein, David. Religious Leaders Stay Relevant As Americans Lose Faith. April 16, 2017. Retrieved: http://www.nbcnews.com/meet-the-press/video/religious-leaders-try-to-stay-relevant-as-americans-lose-faith-in-institutions-922251331604

[ii] Stannard, James. The World’s Five Fastest Growing Economies. April 7, 2017. Retrieved https://www.worldfinance.com/markets/the-worlds-five-fastest-growing-economies

[iii] Ibid

[iv] Awadu, Keidi. The Sun Rises in the East. The New Conscious Rasta Report. Vol 8. No. 2. March 2014.

While you’re focused on who’s kneeling, the Nazis are killing

While you’re focused on who’s kneeling, the Nazis are killing

Happy Autumn Equinox! Yes, Fall is here. I love this time of year! Not, just for the beautiful symphony of colors that nature presents to us, but because it means football season. Yea!

This year’s season has had an interesting start and this is before players even made it onto the football field. From the start of pre-season games into the regular season, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has refused to stand and put his hand over his heart during the singing of the National Anthem. He’s doing this in protest of the numerous, unjustified police shootings of African American people–mainly men–here in America. Now, several other players, one on his team and I believe several others on other teams (not sure because I haven’t been following this news feed closely), have followed suit.

NFL game at Levi's Stadium. Sept 12, 2016. Santa Clara, CA.

NFL game at Levi’s Stadium. Sept 12, 2016. Santa Clara, CA.

I say more power to him for exercising his rights. I think people are just looking for something to get angry at someone about. They’re just looking for someone else to hate. They need to stop getting their panties twisted over his actions. The way I see it, he’s taking a stand for a good cause, so let him. Besides, people have been protesting the National Anthem and Constitution since the beginning of their existence, so why is this such BIG news? Why all the hating? Grown adults acting like children stomping on and burning Kaepernick’s jersey. It’s not hurting him one bit, while that person is just wasting $80 or so dollars that they spent on that official jersey. smh

But now, let me flip the script. Here’s the REAL atrocity in all this…

Imagine all the world’s most toxic, deadliest, cancer-causing agricultural chemicals being owned by a single globalist corporation. Imagine them also controlling the genetically engineered seeds being used to monopolize food production. I’m talking about ALL our food production. And instead of staying on top of this very thing merger happening RIGHT NOW, and protesting against it, you’re concerning yourself with who’s not putting their hand over their heart, at a football game, during the singing of the National Anthem.

This monstrosity of a merger is really happening, folks! And the news feed instead is all abuzz with who’s kneeling or not. I’m confused. I’m very confused. Wanna hear more?

Well, Dr. Fritz ter Meer, a director of IG Farben, an evil man directly involved in developing the nerve gas, Zyklon-B, used to kill Jews by the millions, and who only served four freakin’ years in prison for that crime against humanity, was the former chairman of the Bayer company. Yes, Bayer, those wonderful people telling you to take their aspirin once a day for good health. hmmm (I wouldn’t trust that one bit). Well, Bayer’s the one soon to merge with Monsanto. Congress calls it a threat to all Americans. And if anyone knows what a real threat to Americans is, Congress does. Just sayin’…

So, let’s get our priorities straight. It’s not about “making American great again,” unless you’re agreeing our country IS a terrible place to be. It’s a matter of getting control of this country back out of the hands of the Big Corporations, Big Bankers, Big Pharma, and the Oligarchy, whose goal is to kill people by first feeding them toxic, pesticide-ridden food until they’re sick or full of disease; then get them on meds that will really take them out. The ole one-two punch. This is happening at a death rate of probably 10,000 to every 1 unjustified police shooting. This isn’t even taking into account all the mass shootings at schools, malls, movie theaters and such that I’m convinced are a result of people’s minds being altered by meds–prescribed and over the counter.


Photo cred: Luke MacGregor / Bloomberg News



As Maya Angelou says, “When you know better, do better.” We have to stay knowledgeable of these things so that we’re not continuously distracted by the crazy, trivial stuff. We have to do what we can to shut down the evilness of big business and help small businesses thrive AGAIN like back when our grandparents, great and great-great grandparents lived. We have to support local farmers and help independent farmers from losing their land and business to the multi-billion dollar operations. We have to become educated to who is REALLY killing our people unjustifiably. Once you learn the truth, you may never again want to buy anything from large grocery store chains or federated clothing stores for that matter.

Read. Research. Buy items from the very top or from the very bottom shelves at the grocery store, not eye level. Listen to global news beyond the trending social media news feeds. Go vegan and save some cows, pigs AND your own life. Buy organic clothing from conscious companies who practice fair trade and sustainable efforts to save our planet. Stop using so many plastic water bottles that take 450 years to disintegrate.  There’s so much for us to do. The list goes on and on. In the meantime…

Enjoy your football season! Oh, and beware of those chips, fries, pizzas, burgers, hotdogs and buffalo wings you’re eating while watching the games. Monsanto loves sporting events.




Love & RAWspect,



If you care to learn more about this Monsanto merger, go here: http://www.naturalnews.com/054092_Monsanto_acquisition_Bayer_Nazi_origins.html#ixzz4LjlFBWz6

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