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Health experts say it’s not about you living longer; it’s about you living younger at your current age, which leads to feeling more vibrant and energized. They’ve identified a list of the healthiest behaviors that will bring about youthfulness. One of them is maintaining a waistline that is less than half your body height.
If you’re 5’3″, your waistline should be less than 32 inches.
If you’re 5’7″, your waistline should be less than 34 inches.
If you’re 6′, your waistline should be less than 36 inches
Those of us past age 50, and some of you in your 40’s, are all too familiar with the common struggle of visceral fat. You know, that weight around the mid-section that I like to blame on “baby weight” even though my “baby” is now 23 years old.
Ugh! Yes, the struggle is real but we have to fight it! It’s not just about looking good in our bathing suit; it’s about fighting disease.
Belly fat puts you at a higher risk for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Camp on that for a moment. So, isn’t being here for your loved ones worth several minutes per day of sit-ups, push-ups or planks?
During my recent participation in the Summer Buns & Guns Weight Loss & Muscle Gain challenge at Zappos, I brought my visceral level down from an unhealthy level of 11 to a healthier level of 9 (the dividing point is 10) but it’s still not where I want it to be.
You can’t imagine how very transparent I’m being here in talking about this most dreaded part of my body. I’m still learning to shut out the waistline ribbing, shaming and supposedly constructive comments made by my loved ones and myself in order to simply LOVE my body. You see, I’ve heard for many years that you can’t fix your body until you first love it. I’ve heard it over and over, but could never embrace that rule for myself.
Enough already. I’m drawing a line in the sand. I got it. I cannot change my midsection until I first stop shaming it. I cannot stop shaming my midsection until I first love it. But how do I love? By stop shaming it. Ugh!
So here I am. I’m exposed. I’m not even baring skin in my before-after photos, yet it’s still uncomfortable exposure to me.
These are my 12-week long results while participating in Buns & Guns. In all honesty, I didn’t give it 100% during this whole time like I know I could have, but here are my results:
Total pounds lost: 7.1
of that, 1.1 lbs (2.4%) was muscle, and 5.1 lbs (10.3%) was fat.
BMI (Body Mass Index) also went down by 1.3 lbs, and visceral fat by 2 lbs.
waistline down 2 inches
2016 12-week before & after
Now, I’m on a belly-flattening journey over the next 90 days. I’m going to get really serious about this. Track what I’m doing. Measure the waistline before and after. Engage in lots of cardio and core exercises. Whatever it takes.
Wanna come along? Comment below on what belly-fat goal you want to achieve.  If I get enough participants, I’ll create a facebook page for us and we can encourage each other along the way with motivational posts and photos and such. Let’s do this together!
Here’s a great way to start:
At the end of my 90-day transformation, I’ll even bare my belly in my after photo. Ha.
Love & RAWspect,
Terri, aka t-RAW

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