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15-day Countdown to our Belize Journaling Trip!

Hi there, fellow Central American Travelers! Are you getting excited and anxious about our trip to Belize?

You should be, especially if you’ve been working hard and need a break. (hand raised) This trip will be so rewarding, as Belize offers many touristy things, yet so much relaxation. I don’t know about you but I’m going for the pure relaxation of it all more than anything.

FIRST OF ALL, by now, you should have your plane tickets and passport secured and in order. So, we can check that off the list, right?


NEXT, we must get our rooms paid for.

I calculated the cost to be $220 per person for the entire trip. What a steal for four nights in a modern and comfy AirBNB apartment. Yes, we have the entire apt to ourselves.

Check-in is Thursday, June 20 anytime after 3pm. Check-out is Mon June 24 at 12 noon.

If you haven’t paid for your room yet, reply here or email me at pronto and we’ll get you squared away.


WE MUST NOT FORGET, we’ll have an enlightening time journaling! I’ll be presenting a mini-journaling workshop while we’re there.

Very laid back format, perhaps at the oceanside, but definitely outside soaking up the wonderful tropical air and sun, your goal in journaling will be to focus on your greatness from the inside out.

Here’s a 40-second welcome used for my online journaling course. I figured I’d share it here as a welcome to the Belize Journaling sessions, as well.


FINALLY, below is a list of a few matters good to know before traveling. If you have some of your own tips not covered here, be sure to drop me a line, let me know what it is and I’ll share it with the group.

Five quick tips to note before you get on that plane…

  • Make a copy of your passport

When out of the country, you should always carry a copy of your passport on your person but not in the same place where you have your actual passport. Not in your hotel room or luggage either, in case you’re away from your room when an incident occurs or in case your bag gets separated from you by the airlines.


  • Notify your credit card company, or your bank if using a bankcard, of your intention to use your credit cards outside of the country.

There’s nothing worse than being thousands of miles away from home trying to rent a car, check into a hotel or pay for a meal and the clerk or waiter tells you your card was declined. In this age of identity theft, one of the ways we are protected by our card-issuing companies is for them to stop suspicious transactions first and ask about its legitimacy later.

Oh yeah, you’ll also want to check your card for foreign fees. They can really add up so use only those free of such charge–a benefit of reading the fine print.


  • Create the ability to make free international phone calls

To avoid international calling fees, be sure to download one of the popular calling apps onto your phone prior to leaving home. Once downloaded, you will also want to invite your friends and family members to join your network so that their numbers will be handy for you. Those apps: WhatsApp, Tango and Viber.


  • Set up any necessary insurance coverages

Depending on your personal preferences and your risk level with activities and excursions you plan to engage in, etc, you may want to look into temporary medical emergency insurance. If you are solely dependent upon Medicare, you may want to check into additional coverage since Medicare doesn’t cover medical expenses outside of the country.

FYI, American Express offers such coverage at a very decent price if you carry that card. Give them a call.


  • Consider your prescription drugs

If you’re planning to bring your prescription or over-the-counter medicine on your trip, you need to make sure it’s travel-ready. Pack the pill bottles in zip-lock baggies. You should carry just enough prescription drugs for your traveling time—not your entire prescription supply. It may be next to impossible to get your prescription refilled in foreign pharmacies if you happened to lose them.


As I said before, you probably have tips of your own you could share with the group. If so, reply and let us know!

Bye for now! Can’t wait to see ya!
Writefully yours,

Terri, aka t-RAW

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