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Magically Delicious Denim

MAGIC. A very appropriate name for the superbly sexy merchandised marketplace recently held in Las Vegas. As a first time attendee, mesmerizing is also an adjective I would use to describe MAGIC 2016, a well-orchestrated...

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This 9 to 5 Scores a “10” in Perks

These days, I’m an editor and blogger for Zappos, Inc. in Las Vegas, Nevada. My blogs appear on a regular basis along with those written by fellow co-workers within our Newsroom Circle. I recently wrote a blog highlighting some...

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Getting Paid for Your Passion

When you keep focused on your passion, you begin getting paid to do that which you love doing. As a ghostwriter for the past 16 years, I’ve come to know that to be true. I’m now blogging and conducting journaling workshops for...

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Meet The Blogger

Meet The Blogger

Terri Eileen Liggins is a writer, editor and blogger for a billion dollar online retailer, Zappos, Inc. She is also Founder and Publisher at The Literary Front Publishing Company and Founder at The Law & Raw Institute for Balanced Healthy Living.

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