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The Magic Fabric

Day six of our writer’s retreat here in Gallatin, Tennessee and we were blessed with a photo shoot. Several days prior, a professional photographer chanced upon the premises, curious like so many others about this massive 16,000+ square foot home on 30 acres of sprawling greenery. She was given permission by the owner to glance around the property and wasn’t expecting to run into anyone on her little exploration. Approaching a couple of us at poolside, we struck up a conversation that led to her scheduling us for a complimentary photo shoot. You can only imagine how ideal this...

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You don’t have to be pregnant to use this

A little story… Years ago, in the audience sat mom, step-dad and brother. In the spotlight was 9-year old ballet-dancing daughter performing a snowflake-ish waltz with about seven fellow twirling and prancing bodies. They weren’t on a stage per se, but in a staged area in one of the large rooms at Cheri’s dance studio in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. Things were going great. The confident smile plastered across my daughter’s face gave proof through the routine that her skill was all there (oops, a little “star-spangled” tangent). The other dancers kept eyeing her for their next move as...

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The Great Urge

In the first moments of that first day of 6th grade, my son reminded me that I promised him he could start playing football in the city league when he reached that grade. Secretly,  I’d hoped he had forgotten about that promise since he was still so small. Nonetheless, I kept my word. Since football is my favorite spectator sport, I suppose I looked forward to that day myself where I got to see him play–just didn’t expect it to happen so soon. Over the years, his dedication to football grew impressively stronger. He never missed a summer football camp until...

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New Nest, New Mindset

During the Thanksgiving holiday 2011, I began reflecting on my new parental role as an Empty Nester. Now that my daughter is a junior in college and my son is a freshman in college, I am thankful for a whole new world of things. First of all, I—a beautiful, fun-loving, witty, very intelligent, overly passionate and level-headed but spontaneous single woman—am thankful that I can now write that many adjectives about myself without feeling embarrassed. After two failed marriages—which I refer to as my two successful tours of duty—and 21 years of being the biggest promoter, most dedicated campaign...

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Meet The Blogger

Meet The Blogger

Terri Eileen Liggins is a writer, editor and blogger for a billion dollar online retailer, Zappos, Inc. She is also Founder and Publisher at The Literary Front Publishing Company and Founder at The Law & Raw Institute for Balanced Healthy Living.

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